I found this on Pinterest!

What do you think? https://pin.it/64ohvp2ydr62ho

I found some great free download printables. I like to use them on pages in my granddaughter Phoebe’s ‘Art’ or anything Journal.

Instead of a birthday card, I bought a thick A5 good quality paper sketch book. On the front I glued my most recent photo of her, and the number 5.

So now she has a year book, which has calenders, art, stickers, labels and photos in.

It’s great fun when I visit and I don’t have so much to carry. Golden Time 🙂

Happy Holidays to All

Love and Peace

Nanny Buster xxxxxxx


‘Makes’ in Progress

And there’s lots of them lol, thanks to my #ADHD brain.

But aaargh in so much more chaos at the moment changing my rooms around.

Plus I’m getting rather angry, not a feeling I like, because I’m being told I’ve some sort of hoarding illness.

No I haven’t! I like to repurpose and upcycle in creative ways.

Look at Junk Journalling on YouTube, or Rag Bag Girls on Facebook, plus many others.

My favourite at the moment has to be Scrappy Quilting, and I can’t wait to get started on this new project ….. when I’ve some workspace cleared.

I’m converting the bedroom, which is the largest room in my tiny but cosy bungalow, into ‘The Studio’. There I can shut the door and make things in private. Closing the door behind me as I retire to the bedsit/lounge for a spot of telly or movie, and a well deserved glass of red wine.

I sourced the paint for The Studio at the local recycling centre, more commonly known as the dump, for free, yes free!!

That’s all folks, for the moment, bar finding out how to post a couple of piccies …….

I’ll leave with one passing thought ….. Let’s get disposable nappies banned! Why? One baby uses a whole room-full in its ting years. Correct me if I’m wrong, they take 500 years to rot in landfill…… Imagine the World in the Future,

Love, Peace and Prosperity to All

Nanny Buster

Printing and Collage with Phoebe age 5, happy days trying out my new brayer (roller) and using veggies to print with


Apple cut in half across ways reveals a star, wow Nanny you’re amazing, bless her, teaching a child is so wonderful.

Banana skin on the orange paint

This one was a slice through broccoli

Then we glued flower shapes and stems on a background. I drew the petals.

Glued onto a page in her Journal

One very happy Granddaughter’s art ‘homework’, her choice of word

This is the start of a knitted Patchwork blanket. I love knitting and was first taught by my Nan when I was about 7 years old.

Aww, the centre square was made by my late Mum. Sadly we’d quarrelled fairly often. I suggested we knit a patchwork blanket, to ‘patch up our differences’ and I love the heart Mum sewed in what will definitely be the central square.

More 9-squares crocheted together

Another 9-square

and another

and the rest!

I shall have to have a count up and see if there’s enough to finish this off. It shall take pride of place in The Studio, either as a wall hanging, or draped over a tub chair.

I find knitting the squares easy and enjoyable, but boy, sewing or chrocheting them together is such a chore. I find that with most things I knit, that’s how I’m notorious at not getting things finished.

However ……. I recently saw in a Group on Facebook a post about sewing knitting together with an Overlocker sewing machine. A Serger as they’re known by the wiser.

Thanks if you’ve read my first post. Please do comment if that’s how it works?

More ramblings to follow and I’m feeling quite a buzz in writing my first post, thanks WordPress xxxxxxx